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KatUnique is een Urban Fashion Line

Originaliteit van Projecten, uniciteit van Oplossingen, diversiteit van Sluitingen.

KatUnique's kleding is universeel in maten, stijlen en vormen.

KatUnique is geen modetrend maar JOUW eigen stijl!.

As a former dancer of Dance Theater, I was always fascinated by body, movement, and body expression.

All of this is obviously related to what the body is dressed up with.

For many years I was also active as a choreographer and costume designer.

The theater has always remained in my heart.

Now, to express my creativity, I paint and create clothes in my own vision, in which you can find the influence of theater, scenes and dance.

The nature of my projects has roots in my past from various periods of my activity.

All my projects are designed and handmade by me.

The interpretation of my clothes are dependent only on you, dear customer.

The combination of different parts of the wardrobe have a huge impact on the character of our look.

Every day is different, every day we feel different and we look at the world differently.

That is why you find such diversity in my clothes. 

Everyone creates their own style, everyone is creating their self.

I hope, dear customer, that you will find something in my collection, what ( in your interpretation) will express your own vision of Yourself for today.

Thank you for visiting my store.


Waarom voor ons kiezen?

Omdat je uniek bent !

Al onze producten zijn uniek , ontworpen met spontaniteit en passie.

Geïnspireerd door alles wat ons omringt in de moderne tijd maar ook in tijden van vergaande glorie.

Because you are unique !

KatUnique's clothing is universal in sizes, styles and shapes.

KatUnique is not a fashion trend but YOUR own style.

All of our products are unique, designed with spontaneity and passion.

Inspired by everything that surrounds us in modern times but also in times of past glory.